Rebecca is a dedicated commercial real estate professional, rooted in the principles of honesty and transparency. She is driven by a desire to genuinely help clients make life-changing real estate decisions, facilitated by her commitment to open communication. Having represented a digital marketing company, Rebecca discovered her strength in B2B transactions and has since honed her skill of personal branding, always self-starting and actively promoting her expertise.

When I represented a digital marketing company, I realized that working business-to-business was where I felt most at home. It’s a domain that allows for strategic partnerships and unique collaborations, which I find incredibly rewarding.

Her natural ability to connect with people on both personal and professional levels has solidified her reputation as not just an agent, but a supportive peer.

I’ve always seen myself as “my own brand.” I believe in the power of self-starting and self-promotion. I’m passionate about connecting with people, and I always strive to assist them, whether on a personal or professional level. By helping others, I feel I’m not just a better agent but also a better peer in my community.

Rebecca finds peace and focus through hiking, often with her beloved dogs on local trails. This love for nature seamlessly blends into her professional life, helping her maintain a harmonious work-life balance. Her outdoor adventures are not just a hobby, but a source of personal fulfillment and clarity.

My parents and grandparents have been pillars of strength and wisdom. Growing up, I saw the entrepreneurial spirit in my grandfather and father. Their work ethic and lessons on the importance of hard work have been invaluable.

For me, success is not just about personal achievements. It’s about being a successful agent who helps clients find their dream real estate with complete satisfaction. And if I can connect with a client in a non-business setting, making it a personal relationship as well, that’s the icing on the cake!