Hit 40,000 tonight! Hooray! Hopefully the last 10K will be quickly written and I can move on to celebrating my win. :)

I hit 30,000 words yesterday! Hooray! And this is happening while I’m waiting on a replacement computer part so I can properly charge my battery. I’m not letting sickness or technology woes get me down this month!

Hoping to get to 35K tomorrow and finish at least a few days before the end of the month. Then I can reward myself by turning on Christmas movies and choosing some Christmas stories to read as well!

Halfway there! Now to write the next 25K! :)

I passed 20,000 words today! Hooray!

I’ve had a sick day or two, but I’m plugging away. Determined not to get too far behind has saved me, though it’s not always easy to produce a decent word count by the end of the day. I may be editing away much of what’s there, but I prefer to think of it as the backbone for a better story… It’s all about positive thinking this month. ;)

I passed 12,000 today. Woo hoo! Busy weekend, but hopefully I’ll still make some progress with my characters and their interesting lives!

Passed the 7,000 word mark today! Yay!

So far I’m close to 1,700 words each day. I may be able to do more if my days aren’t too busy and Alex wants to nap enough for me to rein in my brain. ;) But hitting at least the minimum targeted word count is still a good thing! I’m not looking at making up a deficit just yet, and I hope it doesn’t happen. In at least one previous year, I’ve had to overcome a cold that knocks me down for a day or two, so I know it’s possible to come back from problems like that. Being a bit busy yet still carving out around 90 mins of writing (non-consecutive) is something to be proud of, I’d say!

Time for a snack and then back at it! :)

smiley alex

This happy little fella crawls all over the house looking for things to explore. He loves to practise standing and walking as well, but still needs help balancing. Doing these things on his own may be coming soon!

He loves to eat finger food and delights in dropping his sippy cup from the high chair. ;)

He took a month off from getting new teeth, so we’ll see when the next ones come in. Meanwhile, he’s working on sleeping longer at night but has a tendency to wake and want to fall asleep in someone’s arms.

Favourite toys these days (in addition to the ride-on car in the photo) include the exersaucer for short periods of bouncing and standing (but may find it a little restrictive as he can’t go anywhere) plus a toy wrench, Duplo blocks for chewing and a musical bus.

I’ll keep the updates short for most of the month, focus on writing instead! Here’s my word count for the first day: 1,727. Yay!

tim at 7

How times have changed! My first baby is now the big kid, interested in science and video games. It’s fun to read together, share favourite music and ’80’s TV shows like The A-Team and Knight Rider. And I really appreciate his help keeping his youngest brother entertained!

This post is way overdue! The book was a quick read, but I’ve had a hard time getting productive with my computer time since finishing it. Sorry for the delay, everyone!

This ebook was provided to me by the publisher for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.

I always look forward to Jan Watson’s writing and I wasn’t disappointed with this book. She places interesting characters in believable settings and I enjoy the journey with them. I can’t wait for the next one! :)

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