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“With a knack for nurturing growth, whether it’s your business or environmental awareness, Rebecca brings a fresh perspective to real estate and digital content.”

Becca Carter Elizabethtown Commercial Realtor Action Advisors

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Rebecca is equipped and outfitted to perform a number of high-level tasks in the Real Estate game. Her team of experts support VIP clientele in the following arenas

Commercial Real Estate Property

Investor Analysis & Scouting

Commercial Zoning Regulations

Community Development

Eco-Friendly Economic Growth

Community Initiatives

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About Becca

Rebecca Carter is not just a real estate consultant; she’s an eco-advocate and a trailblazer in creating engaging digital content. With a career grounded in commercial real estate, she brings a unique blend of professional acumen and a deep commitment to sustainability. From guiding investors to crafting compelling narratives, Rebecca’s approach is always innovative, personal, and eco-conscious.

Experienced Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Eco-Friendly Approach to Business

Expert in Creating Engaging Content

Dedicated to Personalized Client Consultations

What I offer

My services

I’m nothing without my team of expert advisors.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Tailored strategies for investment and development in eco-friendly properties.

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Content Creation

Crafting compelling digital narratives and tell your brand’s story.

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Investor Meetings

Personalized sessions to discuss sustainable investment opportunities.

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Market Analysis

Insights into green trends in the commercial real estate market.

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Branding and Online Presence

Developing a strong, eco-friendly brand identity and digital footprint.

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Networking Events

Organizing and participating in events focused on sustainability in real estate.

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My Clients

Hear what clients of Action Advisors have to say

John Doe

Titan Dyche


Rebecca’s insights into eco-friendly real estate have been invaluable to our development project. Her approach is both professional and passionately green

Jenny Andersson

Gracey Brown

Graphic designer

Attending one of Rebecca’s investor meetings opened new doors for us in sustainable investments. Her expertise is unmatched.

George Smith

George Smith


The content strategies Rebecca devised for us were not only engaging but also perfectly aligned with our eco-conscious values.

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